The Leederville Hotel

The Leederville Hotel, nicknamed “The Leedie”, is positioned in Perth’s inner north-west and has been a cornerstone of the local community since its opening in 1897. It offers everything you would expect from your favourite neighbourhood pub, and with six different bars and three restaurants on the same premises, it has earned its place as an iconic institution. 

The Leederville Hotel pays homage to its architectural heritage and maintains a sense of friendly hospitality and old pub charm. As their catchphrase goes, “The beer is always cold, the food is (mostly) hot, and you’re always welcome”. We can’t help but think that the reference to cold beer is in part thanks to us.  

Why did the client need our help?

Carl Leembruggen from The Leederville Hotel was looking for a beverage supplier who could offer more than just well-oiled logistics. He wanted a supplier who was a little unique and a one-stop-shop that not only stocked a vast range but had the product and industry knowledge to match.

What did we do to help?

We met with them and showed how our streamlined ordering process would make it easy for managers and staff to place orders and receive stock in a timely manner. We also scheduled on-premise training and product workshops to impart some of our knowledge, experience and efficiency to the Hotel’s bar and restaurant staff. 

How are things now?

Our partnership is still going strong! We strive to ensure that there are no issues out of the ordinary for Carl Leembruggen and his team. Plus, they love that we’re a family-run business and that we’re passionate about always providing outstanding customer service.