Neon Palms

From supply squeeze to flavourful ease: Raising the bar for Neon Palms

A shake-up was needed

The main challenge? Neon Palm’s previous supplier was very inconsistent. They had constant issues getting reliable orders. We’re talking delayed, missing items or simply not turning up. Challenging to run a bar when you’re missing half your ingredients, isn’t it? 

The Neon Palms team felt these limitations when trying to run Bottomless Mexicana, Flashdance Fridays and Happy Hour specials, which have become their mainstay. 

For a restaurant and bar where it’s forever summer and you’re always on holiday, Neon Palms needed to make sure they could create the holiday feeling with drinks in the hands of their customers. Who helped them create this vibe? Liquid Mix. 

Delayed orders? Never heard of them

Since switching to Liquid Mix, Neon Palms has seen major improvements, including on-time deliveries. Historically, Neon Palm’s orders had to be done with a few different suppliers to make sure they had all the ingredients they needed to run their creative drinks menu. 

Liquid Mix’s online portal allows their managers to search a wide range of suppliers in one platform, reducing their overall time spent on admin tasks and more time on the floor. 

Better experience for the team 

Neon Palm’s deliveries have never looked better. Liquid Mix has streamlined their ordering process, eliminating the stress on delivery day. 

It’s not just ordering; it’s personal 

Neon Palms needed a supplier who knows their stuff. They wanted to be able to trust their knowledge and be able to ask the Liquid Mix team about new products that could work in their venue. 

Neon Palms appreciates that Liquid Mix takes the time to learn about their business and trusts that the Liquid Mix team knows what they need. From service, to product range, seamless ordering and last-minute deliveries, Liquid Mix delivers exceptional value for their customers. 

“The personalised service Liquid Mix offers is exceptional. There is no other supplier like that in WA.” – Hayden Carter, co-owner

Looking to the past future

80s music, bright colours and a big hit of dopamine. Neon Palms success working with Liquid Mix has seen Carter include his other venues so that every business can access the same service. Doesn’t that just make sense? 

Do you really want to spend extra time switching between suppliers to get the product mix you need? It’s time to raise the bar and give your ordering system a shake-up. Speak to one of our team today to transform your ordering experience.