Modu Bar & Kitchen

Modu Bar and Kitchen is a moody, intimate, emerald-hued setting located just a short walk from Elizabeth Quay between St Georges Terrace and The Esplanade. The venue takes its namesake and inspiration from the city of Shanghai, affectionately known as Modu, meaning ‘city of sins or magic’. As its name suggests, the restaurant dishes up an intriguing selection of Asian fusion favourites while the bar serves up a range of alluring elixirs. From casual drinks to date night dinners, special functions and late-night tipples, Modu helps to breathe life into the heart of the city.

Inspired by the 1920s Shanghai era, Modu offers a range of oriental-flavoured cocktails, a carefully-selected list of beer, wine and spirits, and an expansive list of premium Japanese whiskeys. For a truly unique touch, Modu’s personal liquor lockers store unfinished bottles for customers to sip over multiple visits.

The hard stuff

Raymond Kwok wanted more from his beverage wholesaler. He wanted a supplier that knew the hospitality and restaurant industry inside and out and that took the time to truly understand Modu and what it was all about. He was looking for a convenient, personable and tailored service that he hadn’t had from any previous supplier. Beyond that, he was looking for a supportive and reliable supplier, who would partner with them and work closely to help Modu grow from strength to strength.

Great service is on the house

After chatting with our team, Raymond realised that we were the right fit for Modu. We now supply the bar with a large majority of their beverage products and we also provide support with our other specialised services. From time to time Emma, our Wine Specialist, will provide on-site training and menu consultation to educate Modu’s staff on how to select the right wine for their dishes. Our team will often take in samples that we think Modu’s customers would enjoy. Because of our strong relationship, Raymond knows he can ask us to urgently supply a product and we’ll worry about the details later.

Happy hour for our customers

Raymond very sincerely and enthusiastically stated that if they opened a second restaurant or bar, the team at Liquid Mix would be the first people they would contact! We enjoy working with Raymond and his team equally as much and look forward to seeing what the future holds for Modu.